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Founder of, Jeffrey teaches the kind of action-oriented, practical and innovative information that greatly enables rental owners and managers to increase their cash flow! He serves as the host of the conference, and will share numerous suggested changes to your management strategies that will improve your effectiveness and net income as he hosts multiple training sessions all 3 days. Many of you have heard him briefly at an association meeting. Here is your opportunity to hear from and interact with him over a three day period. If you have not heard Jeffrey, click to see comments of those who have.

During the convention he will also lead landlording and brainstorming sessions which is where interactive learning takes place as attendees share proven ideas from their wealth of experiences. This is one of the biggest benefits of these conventions, the opportunity to brainstorm with other landlords and property managers. Attendees and successful rental owners from across the country share management tricks of the trade and key management strategies during the special brainstorming sessions that are invaluable.


Toni Blake is a legend in the rental industry. Toni is a popular international speaker, consultant and author, teaching and inspiring thousands of landlords and apartment industry professionals every year. With over 30 years of training experience, her “laugh while you learn” approach has made Toni one of the most sought-after experts in her field. Toni’s ideas have been featured in dozens of trade magazines and blogs across the country. Toni has been awarded the Multifamily PRO “Industry Legend” Award. She was selected by the National Apartment Association as one of the industry’s “Marketing Gurus” and is recognized for her research and innovative concepts in leasing, marketing, customer service, sales, social media and resident retention. Toni was honored at the very first Multifamily PRO “People’s Choice Awards” winning awards for “Educational Excellence” and “Imagination and Innovation.”

We are excited to have Toni be our leadoff keynote instructor on Thursday, May 25th at 9am. She will be sharing tons of secrets that are utilized by leasing professionals and property managers as she conducts a 3 Hour, totally innovative, out-of-the box training on Leasing, Marketing and Resident Retention, all aimed at increasing your cash flow as a rental property owner. In addition, for those participating in the VIP Luncheons, Toni will be presenting an entertaining, eye-opening, bonus session during the VIP lunch hour on Thursday.


Gene Guarino, CFP and the Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy will share with you the best ways to invest in and take advantage of the opportunities in assisted living and senior housing/. Gene will reveal how to net $5,000 to $10,000 net cash flow per month from a single family home.

Everyone knows that America’s demographics are changing fast, with over 2.5 million baby boomers turning 70 this year. That’s where Residential Assisted Living comes in. When you understand the wants and needs of this generation, you can turn a single family rental into a non-traditional cashflow machine. During our Convention, Gene Guarino will share his experiences as an owner and manager of these type properties. He will outline why why more independent seniors and a serious shortage of appropriate housing makes “Senior Living” the best financial opportunity of the next 20 years and he will cover the zoning and licensing issues and how to make sure you’re following the law, providing a needed service.

Guarino has been investing in real estate and businesses for over 30 years and hass trained tens of thousands of investor / entrepreneurs over the past 25 years, and now specializes in helping others take advantage of the assisted living mega-trend opportunity.

Reggie Brooks went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business. Starting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking several real estate investment courses he began investing in rental properties in Los Angeles. By educating himself about hidden opportunities in real estate and making well placed investments, he has become a multi-millionaire.

Reggie is an international speaker/lecturer, an author, and an active real estate investor. Reggie has spoken on programs with such notables as Donald Trump, Magic Johnson, Suze Orman, Anthony Robbins, George Foreman, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Albert Lowry, Alan Greenspan and David Bach to name a few. Over the years, Reggie has consistently turned marginal $15,000 to $20,000 real estate deals into $50,000 to $75,000 deals. Those who have learned from him say that the combination of his insightful knowledge with a sheer joy for teaching makes the learning process pleasurable.Of his many successful students Reggie is most proud of his two kids, Keith and Arlett. Through his mentoring they have both become successful, full time millionaire real estate investors. At our upcoming Convention will teach how he creates cash flow from abandoned properties.

Real estate investors in all fifty states, across Canada and fifteen foreign countries including as far away as Australia and New Zealand. have long regarded the training, systems and leasing forms presented by Louis Brown as the some of the best in the industry, Quoted as an expert by many publications and authors, “Lou” draws from a wide and varied background as a real estate investor having been buying property since 1976. He’s invested in single-family homes, apartments, hotels, developed subdivisions and built and renovated homes and apartments. Each of these experiences has given him a proving ground for the most cutting edge concepts in real estate today. He’s widely known as a creative financing genius with his deal structuring concepts. Being a teacher at heart he enjoys sharing his discoveries with others. He has served the industry in many volunteer positions such as past President and designated lifetime member of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, He is also founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association, which serves as the umbrella association of local investor groups. Husband, Father, Author, Lecturer, Inventor, Investor, Builder, Designer, and Real Estate Expert are all descriptions of this exciting trainer. Lou has agreed to do a special training at this year’s Convention that he normally only does for those attending his advanced trainings and has never done before at our event. He will do an entire training on rental clauses and what he includes in his lease to help make him make more money, protect his assets and stay in control. In a bonus session, he will also share secrets on how to sell your most problematic rental homes in a matter of days, not months, and earn even bigger profits on them than you thought possible. He will definitely take you outside the box to generate cash flow. Yeah Baby!!

Kimberly Smith is an accomplished entrepreneur and published author with more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in the areas of real estate, property management, corporate housing, website development and franchising.

In 1999, Mrs. Smith co-founded AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., a multi-million dollar success story. Colorado based company AvenueWest provides real estate property management of furnished residential properties offering full service corporate housing services to upscale executive travelers in need of a monthly lodging solution. AvenueWest Corporate Housing, under the leadership and vision of Mrs. Smith, was ranked for 3 consecutive years on Inc. Magazines Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Businesses list

Inspired to help landlords looking for nontraditional ways to reach the corporate niche marketpeople on a national basis, Mrs. Smith co-founded CorporateHousing by (CHBO), the first-of-its-kind online portal connecting furnished rentals and the traveling public. Kimberly is a recognized leader in the corporate housing industry. Kimberly has been nationally recognized for her business success and and has been featured in the NYTimes, US News & World Report,, CNBC and Kimberly is making a return visit to our Convention and will share her unique niche in the rental industry and how you can double or triple the annual income from your rentals by thinking outside of your normal rental box and changing the residents you target.

Brad has been landlording for over 35 years, logging over 21, 250 lease months, 300+ court evictions, and 1,000+ court appearances, and is President of Bartholomew County Landlord Association. He is one of the most successful landlords in the country and top contributor on Q&A Forum.

Many of our website visitors come just to see Brad, who was ranked as one of the top instructors at two previous Landlord National Conventions. For this upcoming event, I have asked Brad to reveal at least 5 to 10 of his most non-traditional landlording strategies which generate for him the greatest cash flow. (and to truly break it down step by step so that those in attendance will be able to also implement the same strategies. So at this year’s Convention, he will share some of his most out-of-the-box ideas that enable he and his wife to keep increasing their income year after year!

Frank Rolfe has been an investor in mobile home parks for almost two decades, and has owned and operated hundreds of mobile home parks during that time. He is currently ranked, with his partner Dave Reynolds, as the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the U.S., with over 250 communities spread out over 25 states. But it all began with one mobile home park, Glenhaven, in Dallas, Texas. “When I bought Glenhaven, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how a mobile home park worked. If I had, I would have never bought that park, as it saddled me with a master-metered gas and electric system – two of the biggest challenges a mobile home park owner can face – and a tenant base that was straight out of COPs. We had carnival workers, hookers, the absolute dregs of society. It even had a wrestling ring in the back. A few years later, I had unbelievably turned that dump into a nice, quiet, family community, with a neighborhood feel and kids riding bicycles down the streets. Another five years later, the park was worth around $1 million more than I had paid for it.” With his success with Glenhaven, Frank continued to buy more mobile home parks, focusing on parks that had good locations, but were terribly managed.

Frank has always believed that mobile home parks are all about “affordable housing”. “Beginning with Glenhaven, I noticed that a mobile home park – when properly managed – offers a significantly better quality of life than a comparably priced apartment. Nobody likes to have neighbors banging on their walls and ceilings, or the lack of a yard or nearby parking – or just the lack of a neighborhood “feel”. It occurred to me that I could have my phone ringing off the hook if I could deliver an affordable detached dwelling with a yard that was safe, clean and respectable. That’s what I delivered at Glenhaven, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”

Along the way, Frank has become the leader in this niche of commercial real estate. He and his partner Dave has trained hundreds of investors on how to properly buy and operate a mobile home park, 100% based on real-life experiences in the hundreds of parks they have owned and performed due diligence on. We welcome Frank for the first time to our Convention where he will teach about mobile home park investing in a way that can save you a lot of money and stress.

If you are looking for a way to increase your bottom line and therefore cashflow, David Krulac will show you something that every landlord should consider doing, though most do not. David will teach you numerous strategies to contest your property assestments. More and more landlords have discovered this most often under used strategy. And more and more are winning and lowering their property taxes. However, still the vast majority of rental owners don’t even try and miss out on this opportunity to save thousands of dollars over time.

David, who is a successful real estate investor and author of How I Started With Nothing and Made $12 Million in Real Estate Part Time, has successfully contested hundreds of property assessments. One year alone, he appealed 65 properties, and have appealed assessments for many years in multiple counties. At this year’s Convention, he will share several proven strategies oh how landlords in any state can effectively challenge their property assessments and win!

Scott Meyers will make a follow-up appearance to our Convention as he reveals more with our attendees regarding the hottest sector of commercial real estate over the past 25 years, that almost no one landlords are utilizing to add to their cash flow. Scott thinks outside the traditional cash flow box by investing in small commercial properties, self storage units. Scott has been teaching landlords and investors the real-world ins and outs of identifying, negotiating, buying, managing and building wealth in real estate without the hassles of tenants and toilets for over 15 years.

Scott became became a real estate millionaire amassing a portfolio of over 400 single family homes and apartments. However, he had very little cash flow to show for it. His goal of wanting to obtain true financial independence led him to dumping all his single-family homes, apartments, and office buildings and all his tenants and toilets. His life and the lives of his entire family tree changed when he started by investing in Small Commercial Properties. He now enjoys all the benefits of owning real estate without all the risks and hassles, the average landlords face as they deal with needy tenants and leaky toilets. At this year’s Convention, Scott continues his training of how to acquire properties in any area with no money down, the safe way, and how to manage from afar by implementing the multitude of new technologies available in this exploding sector of Commercial Real Estate.

Joe invested in his first property at the age of 19, and learned the importance of using outside the box financing to make the deal work. Since then, he has created and brokered more than $30 million in note transactions on residential and commercial properties. As an author, speaker, and trainer for the past 25 years, he believes that there has never been a greater opportunity for real estate investors to use non-performing notes to acquire properties and seller financing to cash out.

We welcome Joe to his first Convention appearance. We are excited that Joe will share with attendees how to to create multiple streams of passive cash flow that fuel your lifestyle all through retirement (He’s not talking about passive income as the traditional landlord knows it).

Joe teaches the sneaky “back-door” method to buy properties in your area at just 20% – 50% of today’s fair market value, and he’s talking about good homes in good areas. Add to this a simple investing twist that takes you out of the ‘tenants and toilets’ game. Joe will show you step-by-step how to get involved with real estate-backed notes, just in front of this profit tsunami and ride this wave for years to come. In addition, Joe teaches is a completely innovative way to sell a home so that you enjoy cash flow payments for years. UPDATES

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