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John is our featured Convention Diamond Sponsor. He helps landlords take advantage of the current banking and real estate challenges to help you build a greater real estate fortune, using what he calls The Perpetual Wealth System. Information can be found by going to his website –



Equity Trust is a leading custodian of truly Self-Directed IRAs with over 30 years experience in the self-directed IRA industry. Their self-directed IRA specialists help landlords discover and realize various self-directed IRA investment strategies to add to their wealth. Learn more at




The #1 one most utilized resource by landlords for the last 20 years by participants on was If you have not yet signed up for your free tenant screening account, do so now, and be sure to always run a credit, eviction and criminal report on all your rental applicants. Credit reports start at only $9.95. “It’s not worth the risk!” To sign up, call 1-800-950-2250 or go to:



Ernie Riddle is the founder of which provides a master lock system which allows landlords to change locks in just 3 seconds. They supply master keyed locks to real estate investors, property managers and apartment communities nationwide. Are you still carrying a big ring of keys? Are you still wasting valuable time using hand tools to change locks between tenants? Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to find keys for maintenance or showing property? Do you spend big money on replacement locks and keys? If you answered yes,, Inc. will provide you with custom master keyed locks at wholesale process. Ernie and his staff members will be available to answer any questions regarding the locks during the Convention. You can even see a demonstration.


Legal Shield has the most comprehensive legal plans in the country. With Law firms in every state and four providences in Canada.
For a low monthly free our members receive.
Unlimited phone consultation, Contract review, Debt Collection Letters, Wills, and much more. A must for you, The Real Estate Investor.

Affordable Legal Services for Landlords. Visit the website above for more information.


We are a full service insurance agency with a focus on the investor. Insuring vacant homes, homes under renovation, rental units, and commercial units. We can insure as little as one home to hundreds with individual or portfolio policies.  Call or email for a quote. 313-886-6857,


This company offers the last Odor Remover you’ll ever need! Their Corporate Mission is to provide safe, natural and highly effective odor elimination products; paired with years of experience, extensive research and a commitment to service excellence. They educating their customers in the science of odors and provide them with the necessary tools for success, The odors they guarantee to eliminate from rental property include odors from pet and animals, urine and feces, and various household odors. Their Odorxit products have been some of the most appreciated products advertised on for over 10 years.

We are a distributor of HYDROSTOP™ products. Whether you are a landlord or property manager, HYDROSTOP’s sustainable roofing system is the best choice for a long-term solution to your low-slope and flat roofing difficulties. HYDROSTOP™ offers you the ability to completely waterproof your entire building envelope. ​You will no longer have to incur the expense of having to tear-off the roof of your building. If your budget won’t stretch far enough to complete the whole roof, HYDROSTOP™can be applied in targeted areas when funds are limited. Later, additional areas can be added. ​Visit our Table at the Landlord Convention for more information and to chat with our representatives. NO MORE LEAKS!


The Freeland Lending Team offers turnkey real estate investment solutions, addressing the needs of modern investors nationwide. We have over 15 years’ experience in non-traditional investments. Our executive team helps clients achieve stronger gains on their capital, utilizing secured assets. We are known for our excellent customer service with a 95% satisfaction rating.



Try the easy, worry-free, #1 rent collection method. Have your resident’s rent automatically withdrawn from their account and deposited directly into your checking account. As a visitor, you can try the direct rent deposit service for FREE for 3 months!

Receive timely payments whether you’re in town or on vacation. Plus provide your residents with an ultra-convenient payment method. To try the service for free for 3 months, with just one or an unlimited number of residents, call to 1-866-882-5327, or Click here. And be sure to say you read about the service through

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If you need any state-specific forms, comprehensive leases, applications, inventory/condition reports, required disclosures and eviction notices, all these forms and many more state-specific forms are available which can be downloaded immediately and printed. You can click here to select your state and preview any form of your choice.


Announcing the new and improved debt reporting service designed to recover more of your money! Our exclusive collection agency will work diligently to recover debts on your behalf if you haven’t been paid within the 120 days! Don’t wait, make your tenants accountable today! UPDATES

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