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- Jeffrey Taylor, Founder

imageIf you are a mom and pop, small time landlord, that’s looking for new ways to increase your current cash flow, then this Convention is for you! Come learn new game-changing insights, tools and strategies to take your success and cash flow to new levels, and connect with hundreds of other like-minded rental property owners this May in Cleveland OH. We will explore various innovative ways to think both inside and outside the box (the traditional four walls) to take our cash flow and real estate success beyond where we are now!

“Yes, there are new ways to win at landlording and real estate if you are willing to explore ways to think both inside and outside the box!!” The focus of this year’s Convention is to show attendees how to do just that which can produce significant results. Join us for 3 information and motivational packed days of seminars and workshops at this year’s Convention, where hundreds of landlords will start CASH FLOWING INSIDE & OUTSIDE THE BOX, and take big leaps with their cashflow!

Our convention is for landlords and real estate investors who want to no longer be frustrated or limited by their prior success. During this 3 day event, landlords will come together to learn more from each other and top real estate instructors to discover and take advantage of some of the most effective management and investing strategies that are being implemented by successful rental owners and managers today . It’s not about how many properties you own or manage; what’s important is to maximize your cash flow with whatever number of properties you control. This Convention is the only major real estate conference specifically put together for do-it-yourself, real-life, landlords to learn from top real estate instructors and from each other.

imageAre you tired of hanging around landlords (or worse yet, friends or co-workers who do not have a clue) who are continually talking about their “limited funds” associated with rental-property, instead of looking for NEW ways to do things?? If so, I invite you to join me and begin to discover new ways to CASH FLOW IN AND OUTSIDE THE BOX for three information and motivational packed days of seminars and workshops at this year’s Convention, where hundreds of landlords will start CASH FLOWING INSIDE & OUTSIDE THE BOX, and take big leaps with their cashflow!

  • YES, there is a way to increase your cash flow by several hundred dollars per month!
  • YES, there are tons of qualified applicants out there. Maybe you need to stop using old-fashioned advertising methods to reach them, because you’re right, fewer and fewer applicants are looking at the old-fashioned advertising methods.
  • YES, there is plenty of money available for rental owners and real estate investors.
  • YES, you can still keep good residents for 5, 7 and 10 years at a time.
  • YES, there are property deals and opportunities all around you and in many places you have not looked.
  • YES, there are new ways to win at landlording and real estate if you are willing to make a few changes!!

imageAn unwillingness to make changes and a lack of ideas, quite frankly is what is holding back most people from achieving more or attaining what they want.

Being ready to make changes and hearing ideas from others is indeed what is one of the key things that has helped me achieve what I have accomplished in real estate investing. I started with no background whatsoever in real estate investing and started with no money, But it’s been ideas that have opened my mind to ways to find great property deals, know where to seek, reach out and negotiate with sellers, ways to make the deal even better, ways to finance the deals, ways to double my cash flow after purchase and keep residents three times longer (without much of the headaches that most landlord deal with), ways to buy larger multi-unit properties, and all in ways that I would have never “thought” possible.

I can go on and on. My point is, everything I have obtained first started with a willingness to change and then an idea, that prior to me hearing the idea, was unknown to me. Most landlords and investors are only trying to implement the ideas they have ALREADY HEARD. And I applaud them for that and encourage them to definitely implement the ideas you currently have in your mind to get you to the next level of your journey. However, what I wish to say to you and the thing I stress and see happen with so many landlords and investors (and people in general for that matter). PLEASE don’t LIMIT yourself to ONLY implementing the ideas that you are already familiar with.

If you limit yourself to only pursuing CURRENT ideas, you put limits on yourself. Instead, take time every so often to EXPOSE yourself to ideas and solutions to obstacles FAR BEYOND what you are already familiar with. By doing so, and being willing to make changes, you open your world to possibilities that you too may have previously never THOUGHT possible in various aspects of real estate investing. That is indeed the purpose behind the Convention. And this year, I’m committed to bringing together instructors and mentors who have TONS of REAL WORLD experience to indeed share ideas that can open your mind to possibilities and ideas that can add to your cash flow and net worth that you may have never THOUGHT possible. It all starts with ideas!

imageIn addition, what really sets our Landlord Convention apart from others is that we attract some of the most successful “real deal” landlords in the country who freely share from their wealth of experiences. And I constantly encourage exchanging of “your most successful strategies” throughout the entire event, at our special VIP Luncheons, evening round table brainstorming sessions and even interjected during the day as I serve as host of the event. You may ask, why not simply get together and share ideas with successful landlords in your local area. Why is it it necessary to travel out of town?

I’ll tell you why. Honestly, I’m not as quick (and neither are most other landlords) to share all my “best” ideas on filling vacancies, resident retention, increasing cash flow, finding and buying more rentals with other landlords in my same area, because sometime we are often competing for the same quality residents or bargain properties. I’m much more free to share my success secrets with landlords who are in a whole different city or state who are in no way my competitors. Change your environment for 3 days and join me in a non-competitive “Cash Flow In and Outside the Box” Convention in Cleveland, OH, May 25-27, 2017.

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